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Name: swanny
I was wondering if you have any pictures of the Hilo doily and the shamrock one?

Jan. 27, 2008

Name: Thea
Great Site! Thank You

Jan. 15, 2008

Name: Ruth
I loved the site and was so grateful for the corner granny square! I have bookmarked your site and will come back to it often. Thanks for compliling so much information and free patterns in one place!

Aug. 12, 2007

Name: Kat-Z
Thank you SO MUCH for sharing all of your wonderful work, and the patterns freely!

I can only HOPE to get good enough to do some of these things one day, but your instructions are very clear...and it is the generous nature of fiber artists like yourself that makes this such a special occupation, hobby, or career.

Once again, many thanks for the inspiration AND the instructions as well!


Apr. 4, 2006

Name: Richard Robbins
Website: Scrapbook Finds, Scraps and Crafts
I am a contributor to [] and Scraps and Crafts [], and I think your content is unique and informative.
Thanks, Richard

Name: Sheila Easley
Website: Gatlinburg Real Estate
Nicely done. Very interesting and informative

Name: genice williams
So, what did you think? very informative. yet i have been looking for antique crocheted doll patterns which i cannot seem to find. i am making and restoring dolls for underprivilledged children.

May 10, 2005

Name: Marnie
Website: CAN'T STAND MY JOB!!!
Greetings from Canada! Loved your site - very fascinating and informative.

Name: diana kois
So, what did you think? I thought it was great, and I hope to use several of your patterns in the future. Thanks and God Bless.

Name: bedf
Website: hotel bali
great site here for all

Name: Rachel
Website: Crochet Pattern Central
I love your flower centered granny afghan--so pretty. Your stuffed frog is cute, too.

Name: anna
neat site

Name: Vanessa
Website: Vanessa's Home

Random Acts of Kindness

Feb. 12, 2004

Name: anna
neat site

Name: Marcell-Bali Hotels
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Good Job ...Well done Please also visit my Bali site at

Name: Debi
Website: Purple Kitty
What a wonderful crochet resource! I will definitely be referring my customers here!

Name: Raye Sandidge
Thanks for the patterns - I am looking for two distinct patterns that I had years ago and have lost in the multiple moves I've made over athe years. One is for a potholder and lid handle cover that were shaped like an antibellum dress and picture hat.
The other was for a pin cushion shaped like an old fashioned ladies slipper chair - it used tuna cans and lids as a base. If you happen to run across either one I whould appreciate you dropping me an e-mail. Once again thanks for the many patterns I've enjoyed.

Name: Louvenia

Name: Blue Goose
Website: MainTour Family Vacation Adventure
Neat Stuff.

Name: Annelie
So, what did you think? great page - do you have a picture of the star quilt granny? I would love you to e-mail it to me thanks

Name: Carol
I like you site you have some nice patterns. Thanks for posting them for people to use.

Name: Bev Qualheim
Website: Bev's Country Cottage
Very nice! Love the granny patterns :-)

I also wanted your readers to know that if they have visited the
country cottage or charity crafts before, and might be looking for
me- I have moved :-) I am no longer working for
One Heart.

I am off on my own with a brand new crafting/recipe website. It's
the ONLY one I will be updating and it's called Bev's Country Cottage. I will NOT be updating or
maintaining the old one.

Hope you find some fun patterns there.


Name: Amanda
Loved your site.

Sept. 8, 2001

Name: Amanda
I like your patterns. Thank you for sharing them.

Sept. 5, 2001

Name: Linda
Nice site...I'm seeking a couple of specific patterns...I'm looking for Amish style afghan patterns, Amish doll patterns and Southwest style afghan patterns...if anyone can share some with me, I would appreciate it...haven't been crocheting long and have very few patterns. Thanks! Email me at

July 2, 2001

Name: Josie
Website: Dancing Dolphin Plastic Canvas Patterns
Great page !!! Come & visit mine sometime if you enjoy plastic canvas needlepoint. There are 7 original plastic canvas patterns for July 4th + over 160 more of all types & for all holidays at Dancing Dolphin Plastic Canvas Patterns. Where ? Enter the DOLPHIN MADNESS CONTEST to win a year's membership in the club worth $15. Lots of other great stuff to see too.

June 15, 2001

Name: Carole Cater
So far, I am very satisfied with the free patterns I've found. Thanks!

Mar. 2, 2001

Name: Vivien

Mar. 1, 2001

Name: Rae Klahr
Hi, shameless purveyor of crochet and other webs. Thanks for the homework assignment hint. I think I'll work on it now. Toodle oo.

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