Giant Granny Flower

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Worsted weight yarn in 3 or 4 colors
    Petal color – PC
    Accent color (complimenting or contrasting the petal color) – AC
    Background color – BC
    Leaf color –LC
Size J crochet hook



This oversized granny, actually eight of them, on a granny square was designed for the front of a throw pillow and lends itself very well to accent type pieces, versus being a square to be made in multiples and joined into an afghan.  The construction of this piece makes it a rather heavy square. 

It was designed to be a giant sized version of the Flower Granny that was posted on this site sometime ago.  Throw pillows to go with a toss afghan or bedspread.  I designed this quite a few years ago, but at the time, didn’t feel that my pattern writing had the amount of clarity necessary to convey the instructions without a ton of diagrams – and I didn’t do so well in technical drawing in high school (boring!).

special instructions
Accent color is optional.  If you choose not to use one, substitute Petal Color where Accent Color is called for.  Also, you may want to consider only including one border row at the outside of the square.

If you do choose to make a throw pillow out of the design, the back is, of course, much simpler than the front.  Simply make a square of equal size, using the background color and then adding the same border as you’ve used for the front.

As mentioned above, this piece actually involves the create joining of several separate granny square.  These must be created in the order instructed as the joinings between the first 8 become part of the construction of the 9th.

You may find it easier to work in all ends as you go, there will be quite a few ends on this piece.


Flower petals (This is the easy part.)
With PC,
Make 8 2-round granny squares.
Finish off all eight squares.

 Constructing the Flower
With AC,
Join w/ sc to 1 corner on any of the 8 completed squares, 1 sc in one corner of each of the remaining squares, sl st in 1st sc, finish off.
You will have all 8 squares attached at this point.

With AC,
Join with sc to any square, in either adjacent corner to the ones already joined.  You must use the same corner on each square.
Ch 4 (5 or 6 if you chain tightly), sc in same corner of next square, rep around until all squares are joined, ch same as before, and join w/ sl st to 1st sc.

Background Square
With LC,
Start a granny square, as usual. 

In the 4th row, you will need to catch the joining chains from the flower to connect it to the background square.  All chains will be caught under 2 3-dc groups.  In other words, you will be working around the chains as well as where the stitches would be placed normally.  Every other chain will fall under the corner groups, with the other being caught under the two groups on either side.

In the 5th row, you will make modified corners to tack down every other petal.  In each corner, when making the 3rd dc of the first half of the corner, draw the last yarn over through the outermost corner of the petal that falls in the corner.  Four petals will still not be tacked down.

In row 6, the remaining petals will be tacked down in a similar fashion to those in row 5.  In the 2nd group in each side, draw the last yo in the 3rd dc of the group through the outermost corner of the petal on that side.  All petals will have one unattached corner.

Join BC, and continue working as a traditional granny square until you reach your desired size.

Optional border rows can be added working one in AC and one in PC.

Finish off and weave in all ends.

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