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Afghans | Doilies & Coasters | Wearables/Accessories | Granny Squares | Holidays | Toy/Dolls | Household | Pets

Afghans Basketweave Baby Afghan
  Heather's Flowers Afghan
  Granny Hex Afghan
  Granny Square Guitar Afghan
  Jessy's Granny Afghan
  Pastel Flowered Granny Afghan
  Retirement Granny Afghan
  Snowflake Granny Afghan
  Star Quilt Granny Afghan
  V-stitch Baby Afghan
Doilies & Coasters 4 Leaf Clover Doily (S)
  Chrysanthemum Coaster
  Colored Hearts Coaster (S)
  Corners Coaster
  Daisy Chain Coaster
  Greener Pastures (S)
  Hex Coaster (S)
  Hilo Star Doily (S)
  Loopy Doily (S)
  Mini Trellis Doily (S)
  Oh! Danny Boy Doily (S)
  Pinwheel Coaster
  Pleasantly Pineapples
  Purple Passion (S)
  Rose Trellis Doily (S)
  Rosy Coaster or Doily (S)
  Ruffled Coaster (S)
  Scalloped Edge Doily
  Square Pineapples?
  Stacked Shells Mini-Doily
  Star Doily
  Suncatcher Doily
  Sunny Days Doily
  Terry's Peachy Doily (S)
  Tropical Fish Coaster
  Wagon Wheel Doily
Wearables/Access. Chain Stitch Kerchief (2 patterns) 
  Double Sided Scarf
  Ear Bags (S)
  Envelope Clutch
  Granny Square Bag
  Shell Scarf
  Talisman Bag
Granny Squares Traditional Granny Square (technique)
  Granny Daughter (technique)
  Diagonal 2-color Square (technique)
  Corner Granny Square (technique)
  Accidental Square
  Airy Granny Square
  Bobble Flower Square
  Checkerboard Square
  Flower-Centered Granny Square
Front and Back Square
Gennie's Half-Square
Granny Oblong
Granny Triangle
Jessy's Unnamed Square
Maltese Square
Openwork Granny Daughter
PA Dutch Rosette Square
  Puff Center Square
  Ridge Square
  Ring-Centered Granny Square
  Rounder Square
  Stitch Between Square
  Twist and Shout
  Windowpane Square
Holidays Easter
  Easter Basket
  Easter Eggs
  Chocolate Bunny
  Debbie's Snowflake Collection
  Old Fashioned Tree Skirt
Toys/Dolls Bean Sprout
  Courage Bear
  Dammit Doll
  Daisy Head Wall Hanging
  Flying Piggy
  Girl Dammit Doll
  Girl Yarn Pixie
  Miniature Teddy Bear
  Small Stuffed Frog (lefties will have some alterations with this pattern)
  Stuffed Frog (lefties will have some alterations with this pattern)
Household Bath Puff (S)
  Black-Eyed Susan Trivet
  Dish Towel Border
  Flower Pot Surface Protector or Trivet (S)
  Giant Granny Flower (S)
  Penguin Pal Pillows
Pets Hamster Hammock

(S) - denotes a pattern that was previously featured as a Stitch Along Project on the site or a Stitch Project in the Newsletter.


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